The next generation of
recycling rewards

Wrypple is designed to encourage more people to recycle more

This is not your traditional "earn and burn" recycling rewards program. Wrypple is the next generation recycling engagement program that rewards individual recycling, encourages social sharing and builds a sense of community achievement through the unique Wrypple Grant program. Wrypple Grants fund lasting reminders of what happens when communities come together.

The program was developed by Tim Herman, a 30 year veteran of the recycling industry, in conjunction with Augeo, one of the nation"s leading engagement marketing firms. With the capability for customization to promote each hauler, Wrypple serves a business purpose and reinforces community values.

The Wrypple Effect


Make Waves

It begins with individuals choosing to actively recycle.

When whole communities commit, we create a wave of activity.


Cause Wrypples

It spreads through individuals sharing their recycling initiatives.

When recyclers connect through social channels, community recycling grows exponentially.

Everyone Benefits From Wrypple

Recyling Truck

Recycling Providers

How The Recycling Providers Benefit

Haulers and recycling companies benefit because Wrypple encourages more people to recycle more and increases retention from commercial accounts. Higher visibility for haulers and a stronger connection with the community fosters greater customer loyalty.

Play Structure


How The City Benefits

The Wrypple program provides a city grant reward that motivates wide spread participation and reinforces community values. These community rewards fund city park improvements, recreational facilities for schools, and other important causes.



How Residents Benefit

Residents benefit by earning rewards in two ways: by regular recycling activity and by encouraging others to recycle by sharing their experiences. The more they recycle and the more they share– the more they earn.